Holiday travel can be a welcome end-of-year break, a time for you to celebrate and recharge. Unfortunately, you can’t always bring your dog or cat along to the festivities, so you’ll need to look into pet boarding options. Making sure your companion is well cared for during the winter holidays is often a challenge, especially if trusted friends and family are also out of town.

Now is a good time to schedule your pet boarding services. The best way to make sure your pet gets a spot is to reserve one as soon as possible. We recommend calling at least a month in advance, as spaces fill up quickly during winter months.

Why Noah’s Ark Pet Boarding?

Noah’s Ark pet boarding never takes a vacation. Our pet boarding program is designed specifically to keep cats and dogs safe, happy, and healthy. Here are some of the features you can expect:

  • Spacious, Top-of-the-Line Facilities
    Being away from home can be stressful for any pet, but a comfortable environment can make all the difference. At Noah’s Ark, you can rest assured that your pets are staying somewhere welcoming, clean, temperature-controlled.For dogs, we offer heated and air-conditioned runs and kennels. Cats stay in first-rate, cozy kitty cottages. They’ll have plenty of room for supervised play or happy lounging and napping.
  • Trained, Caring Professionals
    Our highly qualified caregivers make pet boarding at Noah’s Ark an easy choice. Our staff is thoroughly educated on pet wellness and has experience providing care to many pets, including those with unique physical, dietary, or medicinal needs.They are also trained to spot changes in your pet’s health or demeanor, and in the event that an emergency occurs, our veterinarians are on call to help right away.
  • Engaging Daily Schedule
    For pets away from home, boredom can trigger homesickness, but that’s not a problem at Noah’s Ark. Full, fun days are a hallmark of our pet boarding program.Your furry friend will be checked on, played with, brushed, and cuddled regularly by our experienced and compassionate kennel attendants. Beyond that, dogs get four walks per day and additional structured outdoor time.
  • Comforts from Home
    You are welcome to bring your pet’s favorite toys or specially formulated food to Noah’s Ark. That way, your dog or cat’s particular needs can be met, and the familiarity will make pet boarding feel that much more like being at home.
  • Pamper Packages
    In addition to the standard stay, we also off the option of customizing your pet’s stay with custom activities and tasty treats. The extra layer of attention will provide the feeling of their own individual vacation.For our canine boarders, some pamper package options include obedience training and swimming. Felines are given brush outs, laser or feather toy playtime, and other specific attention from staff.

Noah’s Ark Veterinary Hospital’s pet boarding services gives you peace of mind. We provide your pets with real care, engagement, and round-the-clock attention. Book a spot with us this holiday season, you can rest easy while you travel.