Plan Your Summer Pet Boarding Now!

Summer is in full swing, and those beaches, cruises, and big cities are calling. But if you’re planning a big trip for the summer, don’t forget to plan a trip for your pets too! Professional pet boarding services, like the boarding services we offer at Noah’s Ark, tend to fill up fast during the summer season, so vacationers should reserve spaces for their dogs and cats as soon as their vacations are planned.

Professional pet boarding offers a wide variety of benefits over the usual alternatives of having your pets stay with family or receive daily check-ins from the neighbor. While we’ve all had to rely on these options from time to time, only the qualified staff of a professional boarding facility can provide the level of care that will ensure the well-being and safety of your pets. 

Consistent Activity and Attention

Professional boarding services like ours don’t simply lodge your pet in a kennel and let the days pass. We hire trained pet handlers who keep your pets active, engaged, and feeling loved. We also offer pamper packages for both dogs and cats, which allow you to request specific activities and treats for your pets while they’re with us.

For dogs, we ensure they have regular walks throughout the day, time outside, and engaged play. Our pamper package includes options for obedience training, preferred treats, and even swimming! Cats are provided with a secluded cat cottage for cozy naps, and our pamper package allows you to request specific toys and attention from our staff. All of this activity and care keeps your pets happy and stress-free during their owner’s absence.

Safety and Well-Being

When owners leave their pets alone, anxious cats and dogs have a known tendency to seek them out by running away. Open doors and unfenced yards are a big risk when leaving your pets with friends or family, while boarding facilities are specifically designed to keep your pets safe and secure during your vacation.

Plus, caregivers and veterinarians will be on call to handle any medical concerns while you are absent. The staff at a respected boarding facility will be well trained to detect various illnesses and behavioral problems that can occur while you’re away, and they will be in the best position to treat your pets as soon as possible. If you’re boarding your pets at a vet’s office, you’ll have the ability to get in touch with the office right away (and vice-versa) if an issue arises.

Ultimately, the peace of mind that boarding your pet provides can’t be given a price, especially when that big vacation is on the line. Rather than burden friends or family with your pets’ needs, let the professionals handle it this summer. If you have any questions about the boarding services that Noah’s Ark Veterinary Hospital provides, please get in touch!

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