Pet Resolutions for 2016: Exercise, Nutritional Counseling, and Lots of Love

Cats and dogs thrive on established routines. Much like people, pets benefit from the consistency of a set schedule, which usually guides when they eat, sleep, and everything in between. However, following the same routine for a year can gradually become tiresome and uninteresting. Without proper stimulation, your pet may begin to display signs of restlessness, irritation, or even a loss of motivation.

As you strive to improve your own health and happiness in the New Year, remember to show your pet the same kindness. Make pet resolutions to vary their daily activities, enhance their overall diet, and ensure that they receive the love and care they need throughout 2016.

Make Playtime a Priority

Like children, cats and dogs sometimes react negatively to boredom. When left alone for hours on end, they might knock things off of shelves, get into the trash, or even soil or chew on your shoes to stay occupied. Though certainly unpleasant, this behavior is often a display of discontentment.

One of the best ways to relieve your pet’s boredom in the New Year is to make sure that they receive plenty of exercise. Before leaving the house, walk your dog for an additional ten to twenty minutes or even start a game of fetch. This extra time together will not only alleviate any of your dog’s pent-up energy, but it will also strengthen your bond as pet and owner.

As natural hunters, cats benefit from stimulation and play as well. Try converting a string or shoelace into a game of chase, or use a treat-dispensing puzzle to captivate their attention. By making playtime a priority, you’ll ensure that your feline friend receives a sufficient amount of mental and physical activity.

Seek Nutritional Counseling

Understandably, your pet’s nutritional needs vary with age and activity. Food that once suited an active kitten or puppy will provide less of the nourishment necessary for a fully-grown cat or dog. This year, instead of guessing which brand might be best for your pet, consider seeking nutritional counseling services.

At Noah’s Ark, we offer counseling in dietary selection and advice for feeding practices during various life stages. We know that the right food can help your pet shed a few pounds or even manage various medical conditions, such as kidney disease and arthritis. To meet your pet’s individual needs, we’ll assess your dog or cat and then recommend a diet to enrich their health.

Leave Room for Love

Of course, the most important resolution you can make is to treat your pet with lots of love. As you explore new places and meet new people, don’t forget to bring your precious pet along. Gradually exposing them to new sights, smells, and friendly faces can be a great method of socialization, as well as an excellent tool for improving their general wellbeing.

By showing your cat or dog extra attention, alternating toys to keep their interest, and enhancing their diet, you’ll certainly start their New Year off on the right paw.

When you’re looking for new ways to improve your pet’s health, our knowledgeable and compassionate staff is here to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or read our blog to learn more about our services.

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