Know Your Emergency Pet Care Plans in Advance

With the holidays comes the inevitable need to make plans —from the meals you’ll cook to the number of guests you’ll welcome into your home. Equally important are the plans that you make for your pets. Whether you intend to board your cat or dog or spend the holidays snuggled beside them, you should also try to anticipate any unforeseeable events and know your emergency pet care options before you need them.

Invest in Your Pet’s Health

Just as you would set money aside in case of personal injury or illness, you should also budget for your pet’s expenses. Take a small percentage monthly from your paycheck and put it towards an “Emergency Fund” for your pet. A sudden visit to the vet can often be very expensive, costing hundreds to thousands of dollars that you might not otherwise have to spare. By saving a little money each month, you will gradually accumulate a safety sum for your pet’s unexpected medical bill.

Know Your Numbers

Unfortunately, not every animal clinic offers emergency pet care, so it’s important to confirm that yours does before you need them. If your local veterinarian doesn’t provide emergency services, research your area for the nearest full-service veterinary hospital. Program their number into your phone, document their hours, and make a hardcopy of both for your personal records. Although it’s a small step, having this information on hand will save you valuable time if your pet becomes sick or injured.

Be Familiar with the Situation

Don’t be caught off guard by sudden changes in your pet’s behavior. Know the common signs of illness or injury and monitor your pet closely. If they’re reluctant to approach you, hiding, or displaying obvious symptoms such as loss of appetite or vomiting, they’re likely in need of (possibly immediate) medical attention. To give your veterinarian a more thorough grasp of your pet’s situation, be familiar with the medications your cat or dog is taking, as well as their most recent vaccinations. This information could be vital in determining what’s wrong with your pet and how to help them recover.

When it comes to our pets, no one wants to imagine the worst. Still, accidents do happen, and it’s best to be prepared for them. At Noah’s Ark, we understand how upsetting it is when your pet is sick or injured, and we’re here to help. Our dedicated and caring staff is available around the clock to provide quality medical attention, no matter what the situation.

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