Is Santa Bringing a New Puppy? Schedule the Vet Visit Now

It’s no secret that puppies make popular Christmas presents. Whether adorned with bright red ribbons or unveiled from a box beneath a tree, a cuddly companion often tops many animal lovers’ wish lists during the holidays.

However, adopting a new puppy still requires significant planning. Before Santa surprises your loved ones with a forever friend of their own, responsibilities and expenses should be considered, the necessary supplies should be purchased, and a vet visit should be scheduled in advance.

The Benefits of a New Puppy Vet Visit

Once you’ve adopted your new puppy, one of the first things you should do is introduce him or her to your local veterinarian. Here at Noah’s Ark, our highly skilled and caring staff will use this time to establish a relationship with your pet and gently inspect him or her from nose to tail. We will not only look for potential signs of illness, but also develop a health profile for our records. As you come back for following check-ups, we can gauge how your pup is doing over time. We’ll also track growth, weight, and other markers so that we know they’re developing well.

Planning for the Future

During your puppy’s first wellness exam, we also encourage you to ask any questions that you might have as a new pet parent. From vaccinations and parasite prevention to nutrition, grooming, and behavioral training, we will happily address any of your concerns and offer only the best advice for raising your forever friend. Your puppy depends on you for all its health, nutritional, and emotional needs; we’re here to help make sure you’re the most prepared owner that you can be.

The most precious of Christmas presents, your new puppy deserves to be handled with love and care. Schedule your pup’s first visit to Noah’s Ark now, where we’ll help get him or her on the right track to a happy and healthy new year.

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