Boarding Pets While on Vacation? Now’s the Time to Schedule!

Vacation season is in full swing, and your much-deserved trip is calling. But if you’re planning a big trip in the coming months, don’t forget to plan for your pets too! When boarding pets while on vacation, it’s always best to plan well ahead. Spaces tend to fill up fast between June and September and the holiday season, so try to reserve a spot for your dog or cat before the rush.

It can be tempting to just drop off your pet with family or friends, or even a neighbor, while you’re traveling. But only the qualified staff of a professional boarding facility, like the team at Noah’s Ark, can provide the level of care that will ensure their safety, wellness, and comfort while you’re away.

Why should I board my pets at Noah’s Ark?

The new and improved indoor boarding facility at Noah’s Ark offers spacious heated and air-conditioned runs and kennels for dogs, as well as luxurious kitty cottages for our feline friends. The boarding facility is maintained to the highest standard of comfort, safety, and cleanliness by our caring staff, who are always under the supervision of experienced veterinarians.

Before boarding pets while on vacation, your dog or cat must first have completed routine health check-ups (or have paperwork on file) and their vaccinations must be current. That way, we ensure that all the pets who stay with us remain as healthy as possible the entire time.

Our highly qualified kennel attendants will provide all the attention your pet needs, including lots of brushing, cuddling, and supervised outdoor playtime to keep them happy and active. In fact, we walk each dog 4 times a day and check on them frequently. And if you want to bring your pet’s food, toys, blankets, or other personal belongings from home, it’s no problem. We’re happy to have anything you think will make their stay away with us more enjoyable.

At Noah’s Ark, we don’t simply place your pet in a kennel to wait out their stay. We take great care to keep your pets active, engaged, and content. We also offer Pamper Packages for both dogs and cats, which allow you to request specific activities and treats to make their time with us even more enjoyable.

An average day at Noah’s Ark

For our tail-wagging friends, we make sure that each dog is taken on regular walks throughout the day. They’re provided time outside and plenty of engaged play. Our Canine Pamper Package includes options for obedience training, preferred treats, and even swimming!

Cats are provided access to secluded cat cottages for cozy naps, and our Feline Pamper Package allows you to request specific toys, laser or feather toy playtime, brush outs, and special attention from our staff.

All of this activity and care helps to keep your pets happy and relaxed during your absence. When left alone, anxious cats and dogs will sometimes run away in an attempt to find their owners. Open doors and unfenced yards are a big risk when leaving your pets with friends or family, whereas boarding facilities like ours are specifically designed to keep them safe and secure during your vacation.

Safety and wellness

Caregivers and veterinarians will be on call at all times to handle any medical concerns that may occur. The staff at Noah’s Ark are trained to detect various illnesses and behavioral problems, and they will be in the best position to treat your dog or cat as soon as possible. At our facility and veterinary clinic, boarding pets while on vacation means greater peace of mind for you as well.

Ultimately, your pets will be much safer, better cared for, and happier at a professional boarding facility like ours. You can head off to the beach, cruise, or airport without worrying about your pet’s wellness because you know they’re in good hands.

Book your reservation for pet boarding while on vacation soon. Contact us to get set up.


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