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10 Facts You Need to Know About Mosquitoes and Heartworm Disease in Your Pet

Because mosquitoes aren’t seen lingering on an animal, causing itching, hair loss, or sores, they may not concern pet owners as much as fleas and ticks. But mosquitoes can be just as harmful. Heartworm disease is a complex subject, because of the testing requirements, the way prevention actually works, and the different ways it can [...]

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Brush Up on At-Home Pet Dental Care

Nothing warms your heart more than seeing your pet’s toothy grin in the window, welcoming you home. But, did you know that your beloved companion’s smile can be loaded with gingivitis, tartar, and disease? The majority of cats and dogs start acquiring periodontal problems by the age of three, and these issues can be the [...]

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A Day in the Life of Veterinary Dental Patient

During your pet’s latest wellness examination, we may have discussed some issues noted inside your furry friend’s mouth: tartar accumulation, inflamed gums, bad breath, maybe even pus pockets around teeth. All of these symptoms hint at a larger problem: dental disease, which is capable of traveling through the bloodstream and infecting other organs with periodontal [...]

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Deciphering Feline Behavior

Delighting their human caretakers with various antics and behaviors, cats are truly a unique, special species with their own quirks and personalities. Even die-hard cat people can have difficulties deciphering feline behavior. But, there are some common cat antics that can be easy to interpret once you understand the reason behind the action. And, we [...]

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10 Hurricane Season Safety Tips for Pets

Between Hurricane Florence bearing down on Virginia and September being National Disaster Preparedness Month, there is no better time to finalize your emergency plan. If creating an emergency plan for your family or your pets has never crossed your mind, don’t panic! We’ll walk you through creating the ideal disaster plan, tailored to fit the [...]

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Back-to-School Skills: Learning How to Manage Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

With the kids heading back to school for another year jam-packed with learning opportunities, your lonely dog may appreciate learning some new tricks as well. For dogs with separation anxiety, learning new coping behaviors can have a positive impact on stress levels. When left alone, anxious dogs can display a wide range of behaviors, including: [...]

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For Pets in Their Final Years: Hospice and Palliative Care

Hospice care in the veterinary world is making great strides forward as more veterinarians are offering alternative therapy options in the face of terminal diseases. Similar to human hospice and palliative care, animal hospice is supportive care provided in the final phases of a terminal disease, helping our pets live as fully and comfortably as [...]

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