4 Reasons Why Microchipping Your Pet Is a Great Idea

Sadly, thousands of pets go missing every year, and very few ever make it back home. With the help of microchip technology, however, an increasing number of lost cats and dogs are being reunited with their owners. By inserting a tiny transponder (about the size of a grain of rice) between your pet’s shoulder blades, your dog or cat can be scanned for identification in case they ever go missing. That way, you increase your likelihood of being reunited with your companion in the event you are ever separated.

Although microchips shouldn’t be the main source of identification for your pet (there are tags and collars for that), they certainly provide an added layer of protection. Here are 4 reasons why microchipping your pet is such a good idea, as well as how to contact your vet about starting this process.

1. Microchipping is Inexpensive

In part, microchipping your pet is a great idea because it’s so inexpensive. According to Petfinder, the average cost to implant and register a microchip is about $45—which is often lower than a cat or dog’s adoption fee to begin with. Because microchips tend to last for 25 years or so (beyond the average life expectancy of most pets), this one-time fee is truly an investment in your companion’s long-term health and safety. No matter how far they wander, they’ll have a much greater chance of being returned to your loving arms

2. It’s Also Painless

In addition to being inexpensive, microchipping is also safe and painless. Although some owners worry about causing their pets stress, having a microchip implanted is no more irritating than receiving a standard vaccination. In fact, the procedures look identical; the microchip comes preloaded into a sterile applicator/needle and is then injected beneath the skin. It’s so simple and painless that there’s no need to administer an anesthetic

3. It’s More Permanent Than Tags

Even if your cat or dog wears a collar with tags (and they should!) these items can still break, fall off, or become worn down and unreadable. If the unthinkable happens and your pet wanders far from home, they need a more permanent form of identification—something that can’t be lost, damaged, or stolen. That’s why microchipping your pet is so beneficial; because the microchip sits beneath the skin, it can’t be removed and is not vulnerable to the elements. 

4. You’ll Find Your Furever Friend

After the chip is implanted, you’ll need to register your pet’s unique microchip number. This will not only establish you as your pet’s owner, but it will also add your pet to a national recovery database. This means that if your cat slips out the backdoor or your dog wanders away from the backyard, they can be found, scanned, and identified as yours. With the help of your local animal shelter or a good Samaritan, your pet can then be returned safely.

Without question, pets with microchips make it home more often than those without them—and it’s clear that the benefits of those microchips can last a lifetime. To learn more about this procedure, Contact Us today at Noah’s Ark Veterinary Hospital, where our dedicated and caring staff can walk you through this process and help get your pet registered.

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